Book Trailers Release Event For A Sweet Native American Love Story!



IBP is very pleased to release the book trailers for The Medicine Man 1 and The Medicine Man 2 in The Medicine Man series by author Beverly Cialone. You can check her out via her author page Imaginary Author Beverly Cialone

The two trailers we made for author Beverly Cialoneare very different from the others as we have incorporated Native American musics for the trailers. These books have a very heavy Native American influence. 

Join this book trailer release event to learn more about these books, stand a chance to win the giveaways and enjoy other fun-filled activities throughout the book trailer release event.


The Medicine Man 1

Meet Ashwin, a full-blooded Cherokee doctor and Shaman who becomes involved with Kasey, the office manager of the posh, ocean-front resort and condominium complex where they both live. They develop a fast, close bond, and Kasey is devastated when she learns that he must go out of town for two weeks. She tries to remain stoic for the sake of their budding relationship, but a tragic turn of events forces Ashwin to return early from his trip in order to be by her side. Once his jealous ex-fiance enters the picture, things only become more challenging as Ashwin fights to save his beloved Kasey, as well as to prevent his ex-fiance from doing even more damage, both to herself and the people he loves.

Amazon link for Book 1:

The Medicine Man 2

As Kasey’s health, life, and her relationship with Ashwin hang precariously in the balance, he must contend with his jealous ex-fiance, Silver Moon. As her jealousy increases to frightening and dangerous levels, Ashwin must find a way to deal with her, as well as figure out how to pull his beloved Kasey from the devastating grip of the tragedy that has befallen her. Will Silver Moon’s heinous actions put an end to Ashwin’s and Kasey’s budding relationship, or will true love prevail?

Amazon link for Book 2:

The books are also available on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords

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Wendy Jay

Originally posted on MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Interviews:

Wendy Jay

Interview questions:

1. Did you pick your genre or did it pick you?

I’ve always love romance novels, so it seemed like a natural selection.

2. Do you write in multiple genres or just one?

Right now just one, but will be expanding in the future to mystery/drama and paranormal.

3. How much time do you devote to writing per day?

It really depends on the day. Anywhere from 4-7 hours.

4. What have you published so far?

I’ve published four books…2 in the Treasured Series and 2 in the Files Series.

5. Has your method of writing changed over the course of publishing your books?

I think it has matured over time. My method is still a bit random as to my technique.

6. Where do you see yourself a year from now?

Still writing of course, expanding my genre and venue of writing. I’ve been offered…

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Meet Guest Author Christine Campbell


This is a fun interview! Watch it!

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Meet New (to me) Authors Blog:


Hashtags and Hyperlinks


Hashtags and Hyperlinks! That’s what I’m trying to learn about just now.

I’d just like to say from the outset, “This is so not my comfort zone!”

As a #BabyBoomer, born in 1947, I didn’t grow up with computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones — none of it. I grew up in black and white, for goodness sake.


There has been a #technologicalrevolution within my lifetime, and it is still underway. In fact, it’s accelerating at a terrifying rate.

I first jumped aboard when things were moving a little more slowly, getting my first laptop as one of my 40th Wedding Anniversary gifts from my lovely, generous husband, in 2007. Before that, I had written my novels on a rather ancient desktop computer — and I rightly call it a desktop computer. It was a huge lumbering thing that took up the whole desk: a far…

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Featured Image -- 340

Leadership and succession

Originally posted on Leadership By Virtue:

“A person who does not worry about the future will shortly start to worry about the present” is an ancient Chinese proverb.
leadership successionUnfortunately, still rare occurrence is leadership succession which is and should be too important to ignore.
A company CEO is irrevocably gone. Who will take his position? Or, the top executive is attracted by your competition. Is there anyone new ready to fill the role? What would you do: you may end up with an empty C-suite or, even worse, get an under qualified person to fill the job because simply there is no one better to take it over.
Transition period in the top management position may present quite hazardous times for companies. If the previous CEO has had significant and sound results a worry about his successor’s ability to maintain the same momentum will inevitably arise. To avoid a future crisis in leadership…

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The Ointment – A Story For Easter

Originally posted on MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Horror Post:


This story I wrote inspired a book. It tells of an intelligent demon’s account of The Crucifixion

Yes, it is I—Eco, the son of a fallen angel and a human mother. Eco, the demon spawn who lives his eternal existence glorying in his damnation. Eco, who was sent by Satan to see him whose birth was prophesized.

But the babe was just a babe and nothing more. Truly, I was not particularly impressed I have to say, not at first. It was as a man that I was struck by him: by his voice and what he said. “Pray for those that persecute you!”Could he mean it I thought. How could he say such a thing? The very logic of it was illogical, was it not?I was thinking this when he looked at me. His eyes, seeming to go through me, piercing into my flesh in a way no being…

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